Collaborative, community-based research to promote health and enhance primary care

KPPEPR is a practiced-based research network (PBRN). Traditional PBRNs are composed of a group of clinics or practices working together to solve problems of health care delivery in their communities. The members focus on research that helps determine whether treatments and systems proven to be effective in controlled clinical situations continue to have validity in the real world of community practice. Although the findings of KPPEPR research will have broad application, special attention will be given to projects that concentrate on populations and patients in rural and underserved communities.  

The KPPEPR team believes that questions of real-world validity should include active participation of patients and families in all phases of research projects. In fact, KPPEPR is one of the first such networks in the nation to forge research partnerships between clinicians, patients, public health professionals, and academic researchers. 

KPPEPR membership map Feb 2017

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Previous KPPEPR Research Topics

  • Obesity in rural primary care practices
  • Disease management for smokers in rural primary care
  • Use of tailored colorectal cancer screening reminders in rural primary care
  • Use of implementation intentions to promote colorectal cancer screening in rural primary care
  • The relationship between social capital and end-of-life care in rural areas 

KPPEPR Membership Benefits

  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded colleagues around the state (overcoming intellectual isolation)
  • Contribute to clinical knowledge and quality of health care þ  Heightened intellectual stimulation and professional satisfaction
  • Assistance in developing individual or group projects þ  Participation is scaled to your level of interest
  • Increased relevance of research  for local and vulnerable populations often overlooked in research studies
  • Gain continuing education credits or Maintenance of Certification 

KPPEPR Membership Responsibilities

  • Register with KPPEPR program staff
  • Complete biennial membership survey
  • Consider potential participation in new research projects
  • Consider attending KPPEPR annual conferences   

KPEPPR Network StructureMore Information on structural support from KU Medical Center

To learn about KPPEPR contact:
Danielle Peereboom
Primary Care and Community Research Network Manager

Last modified: Feb 01, 2017